Classical Jazz '05

Where to Begin

Adobe AfterEffects is a complex program. It is a program that, once understood, will be a favorite go-to program for many video creators.


What are we doing?


  • You will be making a highly edited vodeo.
  • Some suggestons include (but not limited to):
    • Add on to your video/redo a part of your
    • Create a 10 second visual piece built on a statement... a sentence... a poem.



After effects

 Need Some Stock Footage?


Week 3  - Let's practice and

Week 3 March - Animate Text

Week 3 Roto Brush And other Text Things

Week 4 - Create transparency with Luma Matte

Week 4 - Paint animated brush strokes

Week 4 - Cut out an object with masks



Want to try some fun things? 


Text Effects


Flickering Light









Printable version

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