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Why Music Theory?

Music Theory? | Why does some music give you the chills? | Why music means so much to us 

The Power of a good tune

Creating music through thought alone 

How well can you read music? 

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Remixing Music

The many mountain kings

Chained to the Rhythm


Don't Let Me Down

Holding on to You

Shape of You 


Scales and Chords


How to read sheet music



Primary Chords

Dominant 7th Chords

Smooth Voice Leading

Second Inversion Chords

Death of Melody





Chopin E-Minor PDF | Music

Schumann Album of the young PDF | Music

Chopin A-Minor PDF | Music

Chopin Raindrop PDF | Music | Analysis


Plagal Cadences---------------

G Major Examples


Cadence Analysis ------------------------


Cadences in music are groups of two or three chords. You need to work out which chords fit with the notes in the melody.

The first thing you need to do is work out the key of the piece. Then write down the notes which make up the chords of I, II, IV and V (you don't need to use any other chords in the grade 5 music theory exam).

Each melody note has to be in the you pick, EXCEPT the middle note of a group which is a scale-step apart. If there are 3 notes which are a scale-step apart, you should ignore the middle note.

The final chord in a cadence can only ever be chord I or chord V. It is not possible to end a cadence with any other chord.

If the last chord is chord I, then the one before it can only be chord IV or chord V. Or in other words, you can't finish a cadence with II-I or VI-I.

Cadences in music theory don't have to be difficult!


All of Chopin's Preludes 





4-Part Writing

4-Part Writing

Basic Rules



Non-Chord Tones

Non-Chord Tones

Non-Chord Tones 2 - Suspensions


Advanced Theory

Minor Five Chord

Secondary Dominants

Secondary Dominants in popular music

Beyond 7th Chords 

Augmented 6th Chords

Augmente 6th Chords in popular music


Composing Music / Analysis

Add a beat

3/4 trick in songs

Analysis - Sequences (Beethoven and Cold Play)

Arpeggios - X-files and Stranger Things

Cool Chord Progressions -  Bohemian Rhapsody

4 Cool Modulations in Pop

Beetles and Modes



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