Classical Jazz '05



Abusive Cycles

She lays on the sofa resting her head at 7 PM.

She hears the sound of the garage door,

It sounds like hell to her.

She wonders if he is angry.

She looks at the stains and forgot to clean the kitchen.

The man steps in more red then a kitchen stove,

He says "All you do is nothing around the house!".

Everyone in the world could hear the smack across her face.

As she lays in her own pity,

She feels like shes sinking in the Pacific Ocean.

The man feels nothing but hot tempered flashes,

of how his dad use to treat his mom.

As his own two children will remember the same thing.



It is a vicious cycle.


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Artist: Brett Schindler
School: North Allegheny

This poem took me a couple of hours to think about and then I just started to type. I guess it kind of flowed to me, I didn’t really want to write about sex or murder or death, just common situations that happen through abusive relationships and marriages.

On Abusive Cycles I wrote it not because of my parents doing this , but of movies and such dealing with these kinds of situations. They happen very often in our lifetime, there are many parents who do this and then there sons growing up and doing the same thing. It is a cycle, because they see there father doing it and then they think they have to beat there wife and children to. I tried to use colorful language and descriptions in my poem.
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