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Dark Snow

Dark Snow

By: Allison Reed


            She continued to duck into any alleyway she could find to escape from her pursuers. She hid behind a tall enough stand in a slightly small alleyway. She didn’t dare look to see where her pursuers were. She just kneeled down and tried to stay quiet. She had to wonder why on earth she decided to go into the more… barren part of the city… and at night of all things.


“Quickly, we need to find her!” one man yelled. She looked up from the ground. She tried to hide a bit more behind the stand.


“Let’s split up. She has to be around here somewhere,” another man said. She waited silently as a man walked down the alleyway she was in. Out of nowhere, the second man screamed and fell to the ground, dead.


“Hey, what’s going on!” yelled the first man as he turned around, “Who are you guys?!” A loud cackle came just after he was done speaking. The teenaged girl looked around the stand carefully. She saw two very demon-like monsters standing in front of her first pursuer. One of the monsters appeared to look a lot like some kind of wolf-like creature. He had paws the size of the girl’s thighs. His muscles were absolutely huge like as if he had been lifting weights. The other monster looked exactly like the first monster, except he was a lot skinnier and less muscular. He looked to be the weaker out of the two of them. Each demon was covered in some kind of dark skin and had bright red eyes. The girl smiled to herself. She recognized these two. The bigger monster went by the name of Akuma and the other went by the name of Ryu.


So they finally show up, she thought as her right hand came to rest on something cold and made of metal around her side. She watched as the two demons attacked the second pursuer, quickly killing him with one hit to the chest. The girl stood up from her hiding spot, quickly grabbing the attention of the demons. The skinnier monster growled at the girl. The girl could see his teeth now. They were quite huge.


“I knew you two would find me sooner or later,” she said as she stepped closer to them. The girl was medium-height, maybe a little taller, and had to be at least seventeen. She was dressed in black pants, a white blouse, and black leather boots. She had dark brown hair that was pulled up into a messy ponytail in order to keep her hair out of her eyes. She had piercing, dark blue eyes that looked like they had seen a lot of fights. Resting on her right hip was a long, silver sword in a dark blue sheath. Her right hand was still resting on the handle of the sword.


“Was it necessary to use those men to get us out from our hiding place, Sara?” asked monster. He had a very deep voice that sent chills down the girl’s back.


“Yeah, they were, Akuma. I had to bring fresh meat for you two,” Sara said as she unsheathed her sword. Without any warning for the demons, she attacked them both in a blink of an eye. The two demons weren’t that strong compared to the girl, so she was able to take them both down with one blow to the heart. Sara took her sword and placed it back in its sheath. She doesn’t clean it off, knowing perfectly well that she would meet another demon soon. She walked away from the two dead demons, completely unaffected by their deaths.


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Artist: Allison Reed
School: North Allegheny


Brandi Gerthoffer from: North Allegheny - posted: October 19, 2012
This was good. I especially enjoyed the twist at the end that she was able to kill the demons, even though she didn't kill the men. 

Will Connor from: North Allegheny - posted: October 19, 2012
The story was cool and you're really good at describing things.  Nice job.

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