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2020 Fall Multimedia Montages


  • I took a photo I found on google and drew on a layer above it to give it a cartoon effect.
  • My photomontage demonstrates some basic human needs that we all need in our life. At the top is family. I put family at the top because it is the most important thing in your life. It is hard to imagine a life without family to get you through the good an
  • I made this because my eye color has always interested me because it is multiple colors, so i used a picture of a forest with a bunch of different colors to represent it
  • This is a montage of some of my favorite Harry Styles songs with a hidden meaning....
  • This is my montage about water and bridges. There are also a few quotes in there from a guy from a a show a really like. Hope you like it. 
  • Made from a photo my friend sent me from California during the wilidfires and a Photoshop glitch. 
  • I came up with my idea by thinking about "what ifs". I thought, what if the sky was the ocean and the ocean was the sky. What would that look like, and so, I took my thoughts and made them an image.
  • Photomontage inspired by animal activism/ climate change
  • Since I am a fan of <em>The Chronicles of Narnia </em>book series, I decided to do something with that for my photomontage. In the image, you can see Peter, Edmund, and Susan in the ordinary world. To add to that, Lucy and Aslan (now the NA Tiger) are on
  • I created a sunset type background and added butterflies and flowers that show beauty.
  • I wanted to want use my eyes, but I didn&#39;t have a camera to get a good picture on my computer. In the eyes, I have it representing depression and gender dysphoria.&nbsp;
  • I chose to draw a lone girl in the middle. It was my first time attempting realism. I also chose to put 3 different photos of flowers and incorporate them in my montage.
  • I was heabely inspired by Michelangelo&#39;s creation of adam but put my own twist on it. The hands are drawn by using my hands as reference.
  • I love the fall
  • I love fall!
  • The subject in this image is looking straight forward in her dark, depressing world.&nbsp; However, right next to her is a bright, happy place.&nbsp; This shows that a change of perspective can make you a happier person.
  • Depiction of all four seasons
  • <font face="arial, helvetica, sans-serif" size="1">Description: An image that shouts the definition of perfection... because it knows that this certainly isn&#39;t it.</font>
  • Marshall Magic




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Bob Tozier Artist: Bob Tozier
School: North Allegheny
During the era of learning through COVID, I am reminded that kids are truly creative!
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