Classical Jazz '05



2022-2023 Montages


  • I don't watch jojo but I can only assume this is the entire plot of the show summed up. 
  • tis very fun using the mandala effect in photoshop
  • a thing i made for my photomontage assignment. slightly inspired by weirdcore and glitchcore aesthetics
  • A simple hike in the mountains, right?
  • This photomontage represents the evolution of Stephen Curry by showing a 2009, 2015, and 2022 version of him.
  • This is my friend's baby picture and he is a character from a show. He is dressed as Doflamingo
  • Lebron's Legacy
  • This is my friend's baby picture as a fictional character named crocodile.
  • Represents growth in ones passion!
  • This is my friend's baby picture as a fictonal character named gecko moria
  • <p>MultiColor Pete</p><p>&nbsp;</p>
  • It shows the evolution of Curry&#39;s shot and how his skill has imporved over the years and how he has gradually become the person he is today.
  • Me and Josh went to the moon. For serious
  • A group a freinds get stranded in the middle of the sea on a sofa and they have to find there way out&nbsp;




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