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Heart & Soul

Heart & Soul


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Marissa Mylet Artist: Marissa Mylet

In this photomontage, I wanted to convey the relationship between "heart and soul".  We put so much emphasis on our physical hearts, but we sometimes neglect our metaphysical hearts.  Not that our physical hearts aren't important (because they very much are!), but we put physical health before emotional, mental health.  Often, we drive ourselves crazy trying to look and act perfectly, when we should really be putting effort into shaping our morals and character.  

Lady Justice holds 2 hearts on her Scales in my picture: the scales are not tipped, however, because I wanted to emphasize the equal importance of BOTH "heart" and "soul".  Although such a pressure is put on us today to be physically beautiful, we must think of our souls and strive to make them beautiful as well.   

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